Hodowla buldogów angielskich i francuskich

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2020-01-27 12:54:29


We have puppies !!!!! 

!!! All our dogs have breed related medical tests: DNA, Cardio USG,  X-Rays !!!

We are a member of International Club for French Bulldogs in Germany



The French Bulldog Club Of England


Dogs and cats have been with us ever since. In my childhood I had little mongrels  and stray cats, later a lovely German Shepherd which was a mascot on the block (he was so gentle that neighbours didn’t mind traveling with him in a lift, without a muzzle of course). And our love for flat faces began in 1999. when we moved from the block to a house with a garden on the outskirts of the town. We bought our first boxer Happy. Then there was a girl boxer Lucky, and then we expanded our pack with wonderful Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs (unfortunately our beloved boxers are no longer with us).

So we have 4 Boston Terriers, 6 French Bulldogs (plus a cat from a shelter). These two breeds  have a lot in common, because they are small, cheerful, friendly, quiet, almost maintenance-free ... but the most important feature for me is their complete dedication to people and lack of aggression towards them. Despite the beauty of many other breeds, I would never buy a potentially dangerous dog. All our dogs live with us at home sitting on the couch with us (some like to watch TV), and I can’t imagine that they could be aggressive to anyone. They love visitors and all kids, have even nothing against a postman – they love people. Puppies that leave our home have the same unique qualities. We care not only about the breed standard but about their health (males that we choose for the mating and our females have had genetic tests done and appropriate medical examination), nature (which is also inherited from ancestors) and their early socialization in which all members of our family take part.

We do not sell puppies to dog producers or intermediaries. We do not sell puppies without a pedigree - all of our puppies receive the FCI pedigree of the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP)  belonging to the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and the purchase contract. We always offer help and advice, and kindly ask the buyers to stay in touch.