Hodowla buldogów angielskich i francuskich

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2019-05-25 19:56:49


Currently the market is fooded with a lot of dog foods, both dry and in cans. There are many theories about the pet food and feeding. Some owners prefer dry food, others and others prepare food  themselves by calculating all the nutrients and calories, and some believe that the best is fashionable BARF diet. In fact, it is important that the dog is healthy, eats with gusto and develops well. The choice of the diet depends on the discretion of the owner and does not make sense to impose his own opinion. However, you shouldn’t experiment, especially in the development of puppies.

As for supplementation it not shouldn’t be overdone. Actually, good food chosen according to the breed, size and age of the dog contains everything a dog needs. However, licking or biting the wall, the dog may need more calcium. You can buy it yourself or preferably ask the vet’s advice. There is also food produced specifically for the breed and age of the dog (but they are quite expensive), so if we can afford it, why not? Especially that this little dog does not eat a lot.

If you introduce new food it can never be done right away (diarrhea guaranteed). You have to gradually add the new food to the earlier spreading the whole "operation" over 4 days. On the first Day add one fourth of the new diet, on the secondo day a half half, on the  third day  Tyree quarters, and on the fourth day change for the new one. It is important to watch the puppy’s poop (sholdn’t to be looser than normal). If the dog begins to scratchmit may be allergic to the new food andquickly return to the previous one.

Served cool boiled or filtered water. It can also be bottled, but not mineral. It is important that there is no stone in it (their kidneys are really tiny and can develop kidney stones ) and chlorine. Fresh water should always be available. Cow's milk can cause diarrhea, goat milk is well absorbed.

When we bring a puppy home, it is best to stay at least for a few weeks with the method of feeding, which the dog is used to. Feed the puppy 3-4 times a day until about 6 months (after that twice a day). At the very beginning you can mix food with very  warm water, wait a few minutes to cool down.er. Later you can add some shredded cooked chicken meat, shredded cooked carrots,some soft-cooked rice, pasta (you have to mash it), white cottage cheese (also needs  to be mashed).

After a month, you can change into dry food but never forget the bowl of fresh water. My dogs sometimes eat the food dry and sometimes wet. And sometimes half and half (as they prefer. Onions, garlic and chocolate is very bad for dogs. When it comes to potatoes, they can’t be certainly served  in pieces (you can mash some with butter).Don’t give ypur dog any dark bread (they can eat some white bread).

My dogs love fruit. They eat watermelon like,  pieces of apples and bananas.

Keep in mind that a fat dog isn’t a healthy dog.  While puppies, especially bulldogs and bostons should have  rounded bellies, the adult dog obesity can lead to many diseases (just like humans). A good test is to the „rib test." . The ribs shouldn’t be visible, but noticeable when touched. In bulldogs the tummy can not be too "tucked". You need to pay attention so they don’t get too fat (especially those castrated or sterilized).

How much food do they need? The package always describes a daily dose depending on the weight and age of the dog. It should be divided into the number of meals served throughout the day. However, these can not be used uncritically. Different dogs have a different metabolism and activity, so always adjust the amount of food to the needs of a particular dog. Remember that snack and treats are food and too!