Hodowla buldogów angielskich i francuskich

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2019-05-25 20:01:31

Which dog for you?

BOSTON TERRIER is a small, extremely intelligent dog, cheerful, funny, full of life and very friendly (most Boston Terriers are from 7 to 10 kg). It has a lot of energy and can walk or run by its owner, even on long trips. Boston Terries  show a huge commitment not only to a single owner, but to the entire family. Despite the high spirits, in contrast to other similar size dogs, Bostons don’t bark too much and are friendly with children. Their great physical and superlative intelligence is used in agility and other sports. Despite the short nose, Boston Terriers don’t have real breathing problems, so they can keep your company walking even on a bike ride. They tolerate higher temperatures (at really high temperatures it is better to plan a shorter walk in the morning or in the evening). These dogs like being warm and not always willingly come out for a walk on a rainy day, but their willingness to co-operate either in play, or in training will encourage them to do so. However, they love snow. On very cold days on long walks they will happily wear  a jacket. Boston Terrier has a very friendly attitude to all people and it isn’t a cowardly dog – in the small body flows the blood of ancestors – gladiators. An attacked Boston Terrier will not be afraid of even big dogs, but he does not look for trouble himself. The temperament of Boston Terrier is prominently placed by breed expertse, most clearly evidenced by the words of Ethel Braunstein - the authority in this field "... without his amicable disposition and intelligence they are not Boston Terrier any more..." It is no wonder that the breed standard and states that "... Boston Terrier is a friendly and lively little dog with an excellent disposition and a high degree of intelligence - these features make the Boston Terrier an incomparable companion. "


FRENCH BULLDOG is a small dog (usually from 8 to 12 kg) with a funny Flat mouth with bat ears. It's a miniature of an English bulldog, but without its disadvantages and health problems (it is often confused in this regard). The French Bulldog is not only much smaller, but also much nicer and very gentle. The unusual look and interesting character made them very popular over the past two centuries. A French Bulldog is an extremely happy dog, open to both caresses and play. They do not need a lot of exercise, but can accompany  the owner even on long walks (but not by bike). It will be happy in a house with a garden as well as in a small apartment. His gentle, aggression free nature makes him a great companion for children or for the elderly or the disabled. Due to the shortened muzzle, French Bulldogs don’t tolerate very high temperatures. It is better to plan walking in cooler hours and bring water to drink. The French Bulldog is an intelligent and very courageous dog. Loves  the whole world  and which is especially important for people living in the city, barks very little.